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Hotel & Leisure

The hotel and leisure industries call for the need to bring together several different elements of our expertise. We can provide a one stop solution for leisure facility construction where traditionally several contractors would be required. Modern hotel and leisure spaces require a bespoke, high end, retail fit out combined with a fully functional food and beverage counter to keep up with the demands of the moden consumer. Our skill set enables us to provide a seamless, single point of contact solution for all your needs.

We provide a real advantage to clients in this sector as our shopfitting mentality of working 7AM - 7PM  and 7 days a week means we can complete the works in a reduced time frame. This is really beneficial where leisure facilities are unable to charge for membership during the works and suffering from the lack of revenue.

For more information on how we transformed one particular clients asset from fire damage to re-opening in just 5 weeks, please see our case study on Loft House Hill Golf Club and Holiday Inn, Corby

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