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The Ultimate Team!

Successful builds result from meticulous planning and effective project management. But perhaps the most important element when going on site is having the right people in place – the ultimate team!

Here at 7formation we make it our mission to ensure that everyone who touches your project is top class. From our joiners to our managing director, each piece of the puzzle is handpicked to deliver you a service that surpasses expectation.

So what, or who, makes the ultimate team? How do we achieve the perfect mix of quality and co-ordination?

Starting from the top

7formation was founded on an astute understanding of the industry and this has moulded the way our senior management team operate. We lead by example and ensure that our strategic activities are working for the benefit of our customers alone. Our goal is to be the most respected company within the industry and it is this mantra that dictates all we do.

We feel strongly that success breeds success and want our team to be inspired by the knowledge and passion from within the board. We have a dynamic core of individuals who are steering the business in a direction that sees high standards and customer service as priority. From the very top, our team is promoting quality delivery and we work to ensure that this ethos penetrates throughout the business.

Back office

Integral to all activities taking place on location are the people co-ordinating them back at base! We have a highly qualified team of office staff who have implemented the systems needed to ensure the customer journey is focused on at all times.

From the office manager to the supply chain team, our colleagues have the industry understanding to manage every stakeholder touch point in a way which is both efficient and professional.  Strategy and organisation are key within these fields, and we have appointed people with the foresight to devise processes for every eventuality.

This means that what you are getting is a professional service which works to make your life easier. Our office team facilitates our exceptional customer service record, resulting in clients returning to us time and time again.

On the tools

Perhaps most important to our end product (and customer satisfaction) is our onsite team.

When hiring, we don’t just go by the interview; each tradesman comes to us through recommendation or first-hand experience, meaning we can confidently say that every contract receives a first class standard of workmanship. We try to mix knowledge and experience with passion and enthusiasm, so you will find a range of characters of each of our sites. Every individual realises the importance of positive client management and you will be treated with respect and professionalism regardless of who you encounter.

But we don’t just review each person on their own merit; we also assess how they operate as part of a group. Appointing teams who work well together means they operate quickly and efficiently – enabling us to offer you cost effective solutions which are geared to meet tight deadlines.

Our delivery record is undeniable and this is evidenced in our continuous stream of repeat business.

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