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Top Tips for your Retail Fit Out

Fitting out your retail space can be a daunting task. Finding a contractor who can meet your challenging list of requirements while ensuring works are completed on time and to budget can often take a well-founded knowledge of the industry! To help you out - check out our list of top tips:

Bring in the specialists

There are many companies across the UK that specialise in retail fit outs and finding the right one to suit your needs can seem intimidating. Make a shortlist and get quotes from up to three before making your final decision, but remember, making the right choice isn’t just down to price! Knowledge, testimonials and client lists are all indications that you are dealing with experts so make sure you do your research. Meet with your contractor a few times before signing that dotted line and ensure that you both have a clear understanding of what each other’s expectations are.

Keep talking

When it comes to the building trade, briefs can change by the minute as expectations are widened and the unforeseeable happens. Ensuring you have an open platform for discussion with your contractor is essential and makes for a much smoother fit out phase. Regular progress discussions should be built in to the schedule before works commence and maintaining an open line with your project manager are a must! Remember, communication is key to any successful relationship!

Discuss cost savings

Your contractor will know how to deliver the most cost effective solutions so ensure you are checking, where appropriate, that these are met. But realise that sometimes it isn’t always best to go with the cheapest option!

And finally – make realistic deadlines

Setting a deadline that can realistically be met is essential! Moving opening dates will not only have a massive financial implication but can undo some of the very important work undertaken by your marketing and operations teams. If you’ve picked the right contractor they will not only advise on whether a deadline is feasible, but will go above and beyond to meet it!

As specialists in our field, we make it our mission to excel at everything we do, from small retail fit outs to large scale design and builds. Bringing you the perfect team doesn’t just happen by chance, we search the industry to ensure we get the very best craftsmen to provide a service which is first class! For more information on the work we do, or for a no obligations discussion please contact [email protected]

Thursday 22 October, posted by Jak Garner, Operations Director