Dilapidation and Landlord works are where we feel we provide a market leading service. When one retail business has grown too big for a unit and needs to move on 7formation can provide the total solution for both landlord and outgoing and incoming tenants.

The cost of dilapidation works can be huge to an outgoing tenant in terms of returning the unit back to its original state. The costs for not completing this can be excessive and 7formation can assist in surveying properties, assessing the works and delivering the solution in the shortest possible time by utilising our shopfitting mentality of working 12 hours a day – 7 days a week.

Landlords can also take advantage of the change of tenant by utilising this period to carry out improvement works to their units. Recently we have worked on projects where landlords have asked us to carry out unit sub-division, install new roller shutters, form lift pits, repair leaking roofs, piling for future mezzanine floors, installed new automatic glazed openings as well as managing the new provisions of all the mains utilities and associated groundworks. The advantage of having 7formation carry out these works means you are getting a quality driven fit-out contractor to provide these who will not rely on the incoming tenant to snag their works.

The sector of this market where we can really make the difference is providing the incoming tenants fit out. Reducing project prelims by a third by completing both incoming and outgoing tenants but also the landlords works under one banner means we can be on site from start to finish and provide a single point of contact for the works. This reduces the time spent where the unit is out of action and causing disruption to a functioning retail park. Our clients value this service as it cuts out the blame culture between the various contractors and enables us to showcase our ability to minimise hassle to clients and deliver the difference.