Pure Gym – Leicester

Project Description

Client: Pure Gym
Location: Leicester
Duration: 7 weeks

7formation was tasked with undertaking the complete refurbishment of a 22,000ft2 basement area for Pure Gym Leicester.

The brief required the project to be completed in time for New Year trading. The 7formation team reworked the standard
10-week program and provided around-the-clock services to ensure the challenging deadline was met. 7formation framework agreement with Pure Gym continues with recent projects completed at Leeds, Stafford Sheffield, and Cambridge

Social Climbing

Project Description

Client: Social Climbing
Location: Leicester
Duration: 6 weeks

Acting as principal contractor, 7formation was tasked with creating a unique 700m2 climbing facility for Social Climbing Leicester. Works involved the construction of the front-of-house facilities, a mezzanine floor accessible by stair or climbing walls, and a break-out area including a café.

Orbital Trampoline Park

Project Description

Client: Orbital Trampoline Parks
Location: Luton
Duration: 12 weeks

7formation was tasked with converting a 41,000ft2 warehouse site into a fully functional trampoline park, complete with amenity areas, offering a bespoke look and feel. Works included the installation of the 1000m2 mezzanine floor, specialist safety flooring finishes, LED lighting, and state-of-the-art BOSE sound system.


Project Description

Client: Dinotropolis
Location: Kent – Blue Water Shopping Centre
Duration: 10 weeks

Acting as principal contractor, 7formation were commissioned to deliver the concept of a Dinosaur Adventure Park in the heart of Bluewater Shopping Centre. The 23,000sq.ft area received new mezzanine floors to accommodate customer party rooms, toilets and The Fossil cafe. The ground floor was carefully themed with a three-storey soft play area, and equipment was installed alongside the animatronics Dinosaurs..’

Time-Lapse Video

Pure Gym St Albans

Project Description

Client: Pure Gym
Location: St Albans
Duration: 9 weeks

The building to receive the mezzanine was located on a busy commercial estate, in a bustling St Albans suburb. Transport Segregation and coordination with Facility Management were key. 7 Formation carried out a suitability test of the Main Concrete Slab by means of core samples to confirm makeup and any unexpected structural characteristics. The build was carried out over a 2 week period and due to project critical PC dates, was installed following an accelerated program. The Mezzanine was designed to limit the number of legs required for a clean visual appearance when entering the building. Also, taking into consideration the client’s preferred accommodation and equipment layout, to maximise their use of the space below. This required significant design coordination between 7 Formation and the Clients Architects to achieve the desired look. The Mezzanine was finished with a full underdrawn FR60 MF Ceiling. Decorative column cases were installed to complete the look.
In all this was a smoothly operated build, which met the difficult and strict criteria through design to completion, to deliver a product that was not only functional but suited the client’s design needs.’

Long Term Relationship

7formation began its relationship with Pure Gym in 2015, with its first gymnasium located at Kirkstall, Leeds. We’re proud to continue our relationship with Pure Gym and a list below of the project thus far. Leeds, Orpington, Stafford, Leicester, Sheffield, Folkstone, West Brom, Hunslet, Cambridge, Corby, Edgeware,  Mansfield, Glossop, St Albans, Weston Favell, Aldershot, Stockport.

Sealife Centre


Project Description

Client: Merlin Entertainment
Location: Birmingham
Duration: 22 weeks

Acting as principal contractor, 7Formation were responsible for creating a 72,000 litre Sea Mammal tank with associated operational and quarantine rooms within the heart of the trading National Sea Life Centre – Birmingham. A 5m x 5m aperture was to be cut through the 370mm thick reinforced concrete slab, between the first and second floors. To enable the Sea Life Centre to remain trading, the works would require special planning with access for all materials via a hoist to an aperture through the external façade at the third-floor level. To prevent the overloading of the existing slab, the tank base was to be suspended utilising steel beams bolted to the existing columns. With the steels in place, the insulation and shuttering could commence. 150 tonnes of the specially designed concrete mix was pumped from the compound, 100m in distance and 13m high, to the working area within the heart of the building. With the base cast, the reinforced walls were constructed 350mm thick to withstand the pressure from the 60,000 litres of water required to fill the tank. 7Formation was also responsible for the management of mechanical, electrical, life support systems, GRP lining, glazing, theming, graphics and special effects.’

Time-Lapse Video