Project Description

Client: Lidl
Location: Peckham
Duration: 28 weeks

Lidl, a well-known grocery retailer, planned to expand its existing store by combining it with an adjacent Poundstretcher store. The objective was to create a larger sales floor area while utilizing the Poundstretcher building for warehousing and domestic purposes. The project involved a complicated link extension, substantial extensions to the rear and front of the store, and a complete refurbishment of the original Lidl store.

The project had a total duration of 28 weeks, divided into two phases. During the first 14 weeks, the construction took place while the store remained open for business. This allowed Lidl to continue trading and minimize disruption to its customers. In the second phase, the entire store was closed to facilitate the deconstruction of the original store back to its shell. The reformation and fit-out of the store were then completed within a tight 12-week timeframe.

Project Scope and Challenges The project scope included the following key elements:

  • Conjoining the Lidl and Poundstretcher stores through a complex link extension.
  • Extending the rear and front of the store to significantly increase the sales floor area.
  • Transforming the Poundstretcher building into a new warehouse and domestic area.
  • Managing all Lidl Direct Contractors, including the installation of full refrigeration systems.

The project faced several challenges, including:

  • Minimizing disruption to Lidl’s operations during the live construction phase.
  • Coordinating and integrating the existing structures of both stores to ensure a seamless connection.
  • Managing a tight construction schedule to meet the 28-week deadline.
  • Overcoming logistical complexities while working within an operational retail environment.
  • Ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations and maintaining high-quality standards throughout the project.

The project began with careful planning and coordination to ensure a smooth transition from the live construction phase to the complete store closure phase. Detailed project management strategies were implemented to handle the various aspects of the construction process, including coordinating subcontractors, materials procurement, and adherence to strict timelines.

During the live construction phase, the construction team worked diligently to minimize disruptions to Lidl’s daily operations. The phased approach allowed the store to continue serving customers while construction activities took place in specific areas. Effective communication with store staff and customers ensured a positive shopping experience throughout the construction process.

After the store closure, the deconstruction of the original store and its subsequent reformation was carried out efficiently within the 12-week timeframe. The Lidl fit-out team then took over, implementing store merchandising and stocking the shelves to prepare for the grand reopening.

The successful completion of the project resulted in a significantly larger Lidl store with an expanded sales floor area. The integration of the Poundstretcher building provided additional warehousing space, enhancing the store’s operational capabilities.