Company Policy Statement 

7formation has professional staff supporting their activities including health, safety, environmental and quality management, quantity surveying, design and architecture, sales and marketing, and project management. As a result of this, we are able to offer a complete package to our clients.

A proven track record of delivering a quality product in a safe manner has led to repeat business with quality clients. This is underpinned by a can-do culture, supported by a non-adversarial approach. This policy applies to all offices, sites, and activities therein that are undertaken by the company.

The goal of the 7formation health and safety management system is to achieve excellence on all health and safety issues. Our goals will be achieved through the example of leadership, a committed workforce, and a strong health and safety culture where the behaviour of everyone can make a difference. To enable the achievement of this goal, we at all times remain committed to the maintenance and application of an effective management system based on recognised management. It is, we believe, as a result of this commitment, that when correctly applied, the needs and expectations of our business, employees, and customers alike will be duly satisfied.

To further ensure the continuing development of our business operations, all Company personnel are encouraged in taking an active role in our decision-making processes, including wherever possible in the future re-design, implementation, and application of the Company’s management systems. We believe in so doing, a positive and pro-active operating culture shall ensue, based on the continuing cooperation, understanding, and development of our workforce.

We recognise that in order to maintain these standards, it will be necessary to develop and maintain a high level of commitment throughout our operations that actively encourage leadership at all levels. We also recognise that to realise this commitment and to support our efforts it will be necessary to provide adequate facilities and resource, the level of which shall always be commensurate to the quantified risk and the reduction in pollution of all forms.

An integral part of our management system includes pre-determined aims and objectives, the detail and levels of which are closely linked to the achievement of suitable performance criteria. The ongoing monitoring and development of these criteria are used to best represent the ongoing development of our business operations through the application and use of recognised continual improvement principles. 7formation affirms that a successful health and safety policy depends on a satisfactory method of carrying out all works with due regard to the environment.

This policy is reviewed, amended, and published for the benefit of all 7formation employees, sub-contractors, and shareholders. All parties are obliged to ensure that they are familiar with the contents and the duties & responsibilities required in law by every employee. Your commitment to health and safety will help ensure that our offices, sites, and activities provide a safe and healthy working environment. In all that we do, please remember that nothing is as important as everyone going home safely every day.

Jak Garner

Managing Director