Lidl Peckham

Project Description

Client: Lidl
Location: Peckham
Duration: 28 weeks

Lidl, a well-known grocery retailer, planned to expand its existing store by combining it with an adjacent Poundstretcher store. The objective was to create a larger sales floor area while utilizing the Poundstretcher building for warehousing and domestic purposes. The project involved a complicated link extension, substantial extensions to the rear and front of the store, and a complete refurbishment of the original Lidl store.

The project had a total duration of 28 weeks, divided into two phases. During the first 14 weeks, the construction took place while the store remained open for business. This allowed Lidl to continue trading and minimize disruption to its customers. In the second phase, the entire store was closed to facilitate the deconstruction of the original store back to its shell. The reformation and fit-out of the store were then completed within a tight 12-week timeframe.

Project Scope and Challenges The project scope included the following key elements:

  • Conjoining the Lidl and Poundstretcher stores through a complex link extension.
  • Extending the rear and front of the store to significantly increase the sales floor area.
  • Transforming the Poundstretcher building into a new warehouse and domestic area.
  • Managing all Lidl Direct Contractors, including the installation of full refrigeration systems.

The project faced several challenges, including:

  • Minimizing disruption to Lidl’s operations during the live construction phase.
  • Coordinating and integrating the existing structures of both stores to ensure a seamless connection.
  • Managing a tight construction schedule to meet the 28-week deadline.
  • Overcoming logistical complexities while working within an operational retail environment.
  • Ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations and maintaining high-quality standards throughout the project.

The project began with careful planning and coordination to ensure a smooth transition from the live construction phase to the complete store closure phase. Detailed project management strategies were implemented to handle the various aspects of the construction process, including coordinating subcontractors, materials procurement, and adherence to strict timelines.

During the live construction phase, the construction team worked diligently to minimize disruptions to Lidl’s daily operations. The phased approach allowed the store to continue serving customers while construction activities took place in specific areas. Effective communication with store staff and customers ensured a positive shopping experience throughout the construction process.

After the store closure, the deconstruction of the original store and its subsequent reformation was carried out efficiently within the 12-week timeframe. The Lidl fit-out team then took over, implementing store merchandising and stocking the shelves to prepare for the grand reopening.

The successful completion of the project resulted in a significantly larger Lidl store with an expanded sales floor area. The integration of the Poundstretcher building provided additional warehousing space, enhancing the store’s operational capabilities.


COOP Carlton

Project Description

Client: COOP
Location: Carlton
Duration: 32 weeks

7formation has just begun work on our first project for Co-Op-a 450 square meter new build supermarket in Carlton, North Yorkshire. Starting in November 2022 this will be a 32-week project, delivered to the client in the summer of 2023. Upon completion of the clearances, the first phase substructure consists of drainage, car park formation, and laying of foundations.

7 Formation will begin phase 2 of the superstructure by constructing of the steel frame, which will eventually support the brick and block work as well as cladding and roofing panels. Complemented with an Anglian marly roof coving.

The final phase will include the external works to the store including tarmac, block paving, and landscaping with internal fitout by others.


Saint Gobain – Pritex

Project Description

Client: PRITEX / Saint-Gobain
Location: Wellington Somerset
Duration: 26

Acting as principal contractor, 7formation were tasked with the internal refurbishment of the PRITEX Factory Building, in conjunction with the reconfiguration to the existing parking area’s and the approach roads serving the factory located at Wellington – Somerset. External works included the forming of a new entrance and the installation of automatic gates and barriers. An extensive re-work of the roads and car park areas to a lorry grade finish, including surface water drainage, perimeter fencing, traffic management, and a new led lighting scheme and car charging facility. The internal works required careful planning with the works phased to allow the factory to remain fully functional. These works included the installation of a mezzanine, the forming and the fit-out of a new laboratory test area, office, canteen, and storage, along with a new engineering area and welding bay. The project was completed on programme and within budget.

Sealife Centre


Project Description

Client: Merlin Entertainment
Location: Birmingham
Duration: 22 weeks

Acting as principal contractor, 7Formation were responsible for creating a 72,000 litre Sea Mammal tank with associated operational and quarantine rooms within the heart of the trading National Sea Life Centre – Birmingham. A 5m x 5m aperture was to be cut through the 370mm thick reinforced concrete slab, between the first and second floors. To enable the Sea Life Centre to remain trading, the works would require special planning with access for all materials via a hoist to an aperture through the external façade at the third-floor level. To prevent the overloading of the existing slab, the tank base was to be suspended utilising steel beams bolted to the existing columns. With the steels in place, the insulation and shuttering could commence. 150 tonnes of the specially designed concrete mix was pumped from the compound, 100m in distance and 13m high, to the working area within the heart of the building. With the base cast, the reinforced walls were constructed 350mm thick to withstand the pressure from the 60,000 litres of water required to fill the tank. 7Formation was also responsible for the management of mechanical, electrical, life support systems, GRP lining, glazing, theming, graphics and special effects.’

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SIG Valor Park

Project Description

Client: SIG Plc
Location: Slough, Valor Park
Duration: 20 weeks

Acting as Principal Contractor 7formation were tasked with converting an existing warehouse and office building to suit the specific operational requirements of SIG. The works were completed over a 20-week programme.  Externally works included the mass filling or a 12,500sq ft rampway serving the dock levelers and re-casting 200mm thick reinforced slab to form the new concrete apron.15 dock levelers were removed, works included importing leveling and compacting approx. 2000 tons of filling
material and placing 1100 tons of concrete. 400m2 of cladding was de-skinned to allow structural steel alterations, to close existing apertures, and introduce 8no roller shutters. The warehouse floor is approx. 75,000sq ft. Within this space 1km of 12m high racking was installed along with a 2000m2 steel framed mezzanine. The warehouse was fully serviced with Wi-Fi, CCTV,
Fire alarm system, along with motion sensor lighting. Office Areas. The existing offices were refurbished to suit the requirements of the incoming personnel. This included Suspended ceilings, flooring, air conditioning, a canteen complete with appliances and furniture, a fully completed data system, comms room, CCTV, meeting rooms, transport and sales counters and racking. The 70-workstation office fit-out also included, the refurbishment of the toilet areas, ceramic tiles to floors and walls, the provision of faith and first aid rooms.’

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